Thursday, July 28, 2016

On And Off The Road

There are so many things that I love about the silly little game of disc golf. I have always loved golf games in general because of the unique mind puzzles that they provide. I love that you get to be outside and being active. I love how it has made me want to improve my performance. I have loved the community of people that I found playing disc golf. I love how they have been so selfless and so respectful, all because we share a common interest. I love how big the community is. I love the fact that I can travel all over this country and play disc golf. I love that disc golf has given me reasons to travel all over this country to play in tournaments.

Over the last few months I have had plenty of opportunity to experience all of these things that I love about disc golf. I have had the opportunity to travel, most recently to California and I have had the opportunity to connect with my local disc golf community and talk about how I can serve that community better moving forward. I am so excited that my opportunity with Eagles Wings Disc Golf will allow me the time and resources to have a greater impact on this community.

While in California I was fortunate enough to play in one of the most well respected national tour tournaments. I was able to share with a small group of people a brief chapel service and talk to several others who would be interested in the future of our ministry. I was able to connect with several local Christians who were excited about what we are doing. From there I was able to go visit old friends at the camp I used to work at in way Northern California before I drove home.

Helping put in signs to find the next tee at a new course.

Since California it has been my focus to raise support and stay connected to the local disc golf community here in Colorado. The best parts of my day are when I get to share with friends the mission God has put before me. I have been blessed to talk with several people in the local disc golf club who are genuinely excited for what I will be doing. I have even been able to be part of a service project in conjunction with a local Christian Camp that is reaching out to the disc golf community in Colorado Springs.

All the kids and Eagles Wings Team in Zambia
I am looking forward to one last big disc golf trip for the year back out to Kansas for the Professional Disc Golf World Championships. I will have the opportunity to connect and be part of the disc golf mission’s trip that Eagles Wings is putting on. This will include service projects to help the tournament director as well as what should be one of our largest chapel services of the year. It is a very exciting opportunity and I will be blessed to see the friends I have made throughout my disc golf travels.
Playing disc golf in Zambia

Additionally Eagles Wings Disc Golf is really starting to gain momentum. In addition to all the chapel services at tournaments, youth events in both Michigan and Pennsylvania and a trip to Zambia have all seen great success. It makes me excited to finish raising support and begin to be part of both running local events as well as being part of the trips overseas to bring Jesus and disc golf to local communities.

Youth disc golf tournament in Michigan

In building a team of partners for my ministry with Eagles Wings Disc Golf I have experienced a roller coaster of emotions. I continue to make progress in working towards what God has called me to. I continue to have meetings with people within my own circles and have begun to look for other people who might be interested in being part of this ministry. I am not sure when God’s provision will be complete, but I am beyond excited to be there. If you know anyone who might share in my excitement in this endeavor, please let me know.

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