Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Recently as life has been happening I have taken notice of a simple truth that really makes a big difference. The reality is that there are so many people in this world. We all long for a sense of belonging and to know that people care about us. The simplest and best way to do this is something that one can do every day in very simple ways. Taking the second read a name tag and call your cashier by name. Noticing the little thing someone did that makes a big difference. It all comes back to simply being present in the lives of people around you and placing value on who they are.

Recently I have been incredibly blessed to be part of the lives of over 300 people through the programs of Eagles Wings Disc Golf. There are so many incredible things that God is doing through the ministry and it is a blessing to be used by him to simply be present in the lives of others. I guess I never really thought about the number of people that I might come across as part of this ministry. I never imagined that God would put me into a place where I get to be part of so many people’s lives. It has been more of a blessing than I could have ever thought.

Praying Before The Clinic At Worlds
It all began at the Professional Disc Golf World Championships in Emporia, Kansas. It was a good opportunity for everyone involved with Eagles Wings and some volunteer supporters to come together and make an impact. We partnered with a local church to run a disc golf clinic. There were about 130 people there of all ages. I specifically had the opportunity to teach a kid who was about 3 years old and some very nice ladies who were probably over 60 but very young for their age. There were so many smiles, very contagious. Additionally we ran a chapel service and had about 65 people show up, our largest chapel service to date. It was also one of the first chapel services where I remember having people there who were exploring their faith and what they believed. There was also the opportunity to connect with some people from Colorado who will be a big help in the future of Eagles wings Disc Golf in Colorado. God is clearly working.
Ring of Fire Game During Worlds Clinic

After arriving home from the world championships, it was not more than a week before I went down to Ponderosa Camp and Conference Center near Larkspur, Colorado. There I was the guest teacher of Disc Golf as part of their outdoor education program. A local charter school in Colorado Springs brought their entire high school program to be part of three days of outdoor education. I had the opportunity to teach over 180 kids to play disc golf. There were a couple of really interesting conversations with a few of the students, all of whom were considering their future. What an incredible opportunity to build into their lives and speak truth.

These are the moments that remind me of why God asked me to pursue this opportunity with Eagles Wings Disc Golf. These are the moments that push me to something greater. They remind me of the simple things that make a difference in the lives of those around me. It reminds me that in ministry and in life in general, there are many simple moments when simply using someone name and being present in every situation can have an incredible impact, even greater than we may ever know.

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