Monday, December 5, 2016

Family Is Family

When I think about all the times in my life when I have needed encouragement there is a common theme, Family. It is amazing how it started with my parents from a very young age but as I grew up and moved on with my life how there were people who became family to me because they were like my family in the way they were able to encourage me.
It is no surprise that taking the time to build a team of partners is a difficult experience. It has been tough to be half way across a country from the base of the ministry while raising supporters. Ultimately, it has left me feeling alone. But, I recently had the opportunity to travel to Pennsylvania to be part of the first Push the Rock Summit. It was one of the most needed and encouraging times.
Push the Rock Staff and Family
The Summit was a chance for everyone involved with Push the Rock to meet in one place and share what is going on with the ministry. There were missionaries present from Zambia, Costa Rica and Brazil. There were future missionaries preparing to go to Spain. Everyone from the local Pennsylvania area were there as well as myself and the other out of state Eagles Wings guy. There were over 30 people there, all who love ministry and enjoy sports.

I was encouraged to meet people who were going through the same support team building process that I am in. I was encouraged to meet people from all over the world and even to play disc golf with someone from Zambia. I was encouraged by the deep focus on spiritual growth and through hearing the stories of how God is working. I was encouraged to feel like I was part of the family. It helped me remember that I am not in this by myself. It was encouraging to spend time with the next full time staff that will join Eagles Wings specifically. There are so many great things that God is doing through this amazing group of people.
As I am reminded of the family that surrounds people working together in ministry I am also reminded of one of the reasons I love disc golf and why disc golf ministry could be so impactful. Time after time I am reminded of how the disc golf community sees itself as family. At the world Championships the executive director of the Professional Disc Golf Association commented on the fact that we are family. As a local tournament here in Colorado held over a holiday weekend the tournament director thanked everyone for coming and said that no matter how long you had been playing in his tournaments, he still viewed you as family. I have been blessed to be part of this family. I am blessed to still be part of this family. Now, I want to spend more of my time as part of the Push the Rock family reaching out to my disc golf family. I need you help to be able to do this. I need partners who are willing to give their money and time. There is no telling the impact we could make.