Saturday, May 13, 2017

Getting Back To Ministry

It has been such a blessing to working for Eagles Wings Disc Golf over the past few months. It always feels good to be doing work that feels directly related to the ministry over doing personal support raising. I have rather enjoyed writing curriculum for the programs we are running across the country. But with limited time and so many ways to help the ministry, my time actually running program has been limited. This is part of the reason why a chance to go to a disc golf tournament and actually run program is a huge blessing to me.

Every year Eagles Wings Disc Golf picks one or two big tournaments to go to as a team. These are times where we get to be together as a staff and to run program together. It is always a blessing to be with the team. This year we all decided to show up at the Glass Blown Open in Emporia, KS. This tournament has become one of the biggest tournaments of the year with over 1,100 disc golfers signed up to play in the tournament and many more that come to be part of the festivities. This provides an amazing opportunity to make an impact in the community that we all love.
The clinic with Emporia Baptist Church

The Sunday before the tournament began we were able to partner with the local Baptist church to run a disc golf clinic. The church helped us spread the word and we ended up with a good turnout of young and old from the local community who were interested in trying disc golf out for the first time. Everyone had a great time, but there was one young boy who threw an approach shot into the basket from about 100 feet away and appeared to be on top of the world. We hope that all of the people at this clinic we blessed during the time and continue to play and get involved with community at the Baptist church or one of the other great local churches.

Building a temporary bridge.
In preparation for the Junior Challenge event to be run after the main Glass Blown Open, we as a team at Eagles Wings prepped the course and the local middle school. We picked up trash, painted lines for out of bounds and marked tee pads. We also did a little bit of yard maintenance on some over grown trees and rebuilt a temporary bridge over a little stream that runs through the course. The course looked great for the kids who were so excited to play.

The announcement of the Eagles Wings Chapel
After the players meeting on Wednesday night we also partnered with a local Presbyterian church to host a chapel service. We also partnered with a group from a camp in Colorado who came to the tournament to volunteer. We had a speaker and musicians from the camp who were part of the service and helped us connect many of the Christians who came to this year’s Glass Blown Open. We had a great turnout for the chapel service. There were many old friends who had been to one of our chapels before and many new friends who we met there. It was super encouraging for everyone.

I was blessed to play in the tournament and watch many of the people who attended our Chapel service play really well. I always have fun play and meeting new people on the course. We had really good weather until Saturday when the final round of the tournament we canceled due to excessive rain and lightning. The weather was such that we almost missed out on the opportunity to be part of the end of tournament celebration which had to be moved indoors. But we were still able to be present and share with others from the tournament what Eagles Wings is up to.
Glass Blown Open Junior Challenge

While I did not personally get to be part of the Junior Challenge, Eagles Wings had a big presence at the event. Despite moving half of the festivities inside because of the weather we had three staff from Eagles Wings there helping out. I heard there were plenty of smiles to go around and that Eagles Wings might be invited back to help out with future youth events in Emporia, KS.

It was a great time for Eagles Wings to continue growing and meeting new people to partner with moving forward. What a blessing it is to be part of the Eagles Wings Family.

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