Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Start Of Something New

Over this past year I have been through all the emotional highs and lows of support raising. God has been there helping me grow through the whole process. I have felt the sting of failure and the joy of moving towards an incredible opportunity to impact the kingdom of God. I am blessed to announce that Push The Rock has offered me the opportunity to begin working with Eagles Wings Disc Golf on a part time basis.

It was never really the goal to just be working part time with Eagles Wings Disc Golf. But I have to remember that my plans for this may not exactly be what God’s plans are. In the present moment I do feel like a failure. I wonder where the provision I expected is. But, as I look back at where I was when I started the support raising process and where I am now, I can very easily see how God has shaped me to be someone more closely walking with Him. I am more surrendered to what God wants to do through me and saying yes to the opportunity with Eagles Wings Disc Golf was only the first step.

Chapel service in Las Vegas
Part time means that I will get the opportunity to work about ten hours per week in support of all the programs that are being run by the full time staff. Most of the work I do will be administrative tasks that will free up the other staff to connect with people and impact the kingdom. I will still get to work with program as well. I have already helped with one chapel service at the disc golf tournament in Las Vegas this past February. I may get the chance to help out with two to four more this year. I will also continue to work on smaller programs here in Colorado. This will include working with Ponderosa Camp and Conference center as well as helping support local tournaments.

The challenging part of the reality of what is happening right now is that I will need to find some other work that will continue to allow me the spare time to work with Eagles Wings. Yes, I will still need a team of supporters for the work I am doing with Eagles Wings Disc Golf. I am hoping the second job will be something that looks more like a career and will hopefully still be ministry focused. Please keep praying for me as I go through this process of finding a job. I can only describe that reality as not exactly the most fun thing in the world to be doing. Also keep praying for Eagles Wings Disc Golf as the ministry continues to push forward. We have already hosted two chapel services and are about to send a team to Costa Rica.
If there are any questions you would like to ask me I am open to discuss what God is doing in my life. I am genuinely excited to be doing what I am doing and I am grateful to once again be feeling like I am making a difference for His kingdom through Eagles Wings Disc Golf.

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